Il PAME sostiene la manifestazione dei #senzadomenica: il saluto del sindacato greco

MANIFESTAZIONE A ROMA - 1° novembre, Piazza SS Apostoli - ore 10.00

Pame's Secretariat Of Workers In Commerce Expresses Its Solidarity With Usb And The Workers Of Italy For Their Action On November 1st


PAME's Secretariat of Workers in Commerce and Services and its Trade Unions of Commerce Employees send their solidarity to the workers of Italy and USB who give their own struggle against work during sunday and public holidays.


On Sunday November 1st, in Greece we will also be on the streets, it is a day of strike for the employees in Commerce, strike that has as main demand not to work during unday and public holidays.


We continue to fight against the intensification of work, against the liberalization of workhours in commerce sector.


Sundays belong to us and our families and we do not give them away to anyone!


PAME's Secretariat of Workers in Commerce expresses its solidarity with USB and theworkers of Italy for their action on November 1st.



Secretariat of Workers in Commerce and Services

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